Expert Advice on When to Move to Senior Living

Seniors playing games at the village

Expert Advice on When to Move to Senior Living

Are you wondering when is the right time to move to senior living? If you’re interested in leading a vibrant, active lifestyle where your days are full of activities, clubs, and services and amenities that all benefit your well-being, you may want to consider that the time is now.

As a Life Plan Community, we often meet many older adults who ask when to move to senior living,” says Danai Vergara, Executive Director of The Village in California. “When you move into Independent Living at a Life Plan Community, you receive all the perks of the community’s amenities and services with the peace of mind that you can receive the higher levels of care you need in your community should you need them.”

Check out these three main reasons why you should move to a senior living community and live a retired lifestyle full of ease.

Home Maintenance

One of the biggest perks of living in a senior living community is the maintenance-free lifestyle. This means that tasks related to maintaining your apartment home are no longer your responsibility.

If you’re taking care of your own home, keeping up with the chores can be physically challenging and also weigh on your mind. In addition to the everyday chores you need to do regularly, you’re also responsible for repairs and upkeep of the appliances inside your house.

Mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, and taking care of appliances are all tasks that you no longer have to worry about. Instead of getting up early to take care of home maintenance chores, you can get up early to go for a walk with friends, take an exercise class, or meet with your club for breakfast – which your community can provide.

Senior living communities offer dining options, so you always have options ready for mealtimes. When you want to set aside time for cooking in your apartment, you can, but it’s no longer something you have to do and plan for each day.

woman enjoying her move to senior living with her dog outside


Senior living communities often have several safety and security measures that keep the campus safe. Visitors will go through a sign-in process so the community knows who is on campus, and security guards patrol the community 24/7 so there’s always someone on site who can help. The campus also has surveillance cameras to ensure safety.

There’s also the security for residents in higher levels of care like Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing. If someone has an emergency or needs immediate medical attention, our staff is always available if a higher level of care is needed.


Senior living communities provide endless opportunities for socialization, a significant aspect that contributes to a high quality of life.

Many seniors who live at home may have limited interaction with their friends and family. If they live far away, they may not have a lot of activities that get them out of the house. Without an active social life, an older adult’s world can get small.

The lack of connection to others can have detrimental effects on a senior’s health. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can cause depression and anxiety. They are also at an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, and stroke.

When you’re in a senior living community, you’re surrounded by friendly neighbors who are also enjoying the active retirement lifestyle. You can expand your social circle and engage in activities with people who share your interests.

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Retire With Peace of Mind at The Village

Voted the Best Senior Living Community for 17 consecutive years winning The 2023 Best of Inland Empire Senior Living Award, The Village is excited to welcome you to our community.

Our Easy Monthly Residence Agreement simplifies making the move to senior living, and you can start enjoying a maintenance-free retirement.

Ready to make the move to senior living? We’re here to help. Give us a call to schedule a personalized tour and experience the community firsthand.

9 Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Seniors

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9 Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Seniors

Staying active is one of the best things seniors can do for their health and well-being. Not only does regular physical activity help you feel ready to take on the day, but it can also help your mood. The benefits of an active lifestyle for seniors are numerous – but all total to helping you stay happy and healthy.

1. Strength and Balance

A regular exercise routine incorporating strength training will help promote bone, muscle, and balance. This can help with fall prevention and help you stay independent and mobile.

But this doesn’t mean you must spend three hours in the gym each morning alone. A group fitness class can motivate you because you’re working out with friends. You could also try working with a personal trainer to help you identify and achieve your fitness goals.

senior woman in the gym at the village

2. Boosts Energy

Engaging in regular exercise keeps your activity levels high and will help your overall fitness level. You’ll have more energy for anything planned that day – whether it’s playing pool, going to a club meeting, or going for a walk.

3. Improve Immune System

Exercising works wonders for improving the immune system. When you work out, your immune system gets the following benefits:

  • Slows the body’s release of stress hormones. Being stressed can increase your chances of developing an illness.
  • Antibodies, or white blood cells, move through the body more quickly, leading to faster detection of illnesses.
  • Flushes bacteria out of your lungs, which can prevent infections.

4. Promotes Fat Loss

When you’re moving your body regularly, it can help burn stored fat and lead to weight loss. This can ease the stress on your joints and make moving easier. If you make the change from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, you may see your body weight start to change, as well as other benefits like no longer feeling dizziness or shortness of breath after walking a short distance.

senior women on a walk at the village

5. Boosts Heart Health

Physical activity helps prevent high blood pressure and reduces the risk of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

If you already have a heart condition, it’s important to know what kinds of exercises are safe to do. While maintaining physical activity may not be able to cure a heart issue, it can still benefit the heart and your overall well-being.

6. Better Sleep

Many older adults may have trouble sleeping. If you engage in physical activity on a regular basis, you’ll likely have an easier time getting sleepy at the end of the day and staying asleep through your sleep cycle. This will make you feel well-rested and ready for the morning.

7. Improves Brain Health

Physical activity provides multiple health benefits because it helps your brain and all of its functions, including thinking, problem-solving, and memory improvement.

seniors in the pool at the village

8. Boosts Mental Health

Activity goes beyond physical benefits. Your mental health will reap the benefits of regular exercise, too. Exercise can lead to feelings of happiness, less stress, and improve your confidence.

Working out also prevents depression and anxiety or can help someone manage the symptoms of these mental illnesses.

9. Promotes Socialization

One of the best things about physical activity is that you can work out with a friend or with several friends. You can make the activity a fun, social time. For example, you go on a walk with your best friends every other morning.

While you’re racking up your step count, you’re discussing your favorite books and shows, or making plans for a fun weekend. You don’t even realize that you’re getting so much physical activity because you’re enjoying the time with friends. You’ll also look forward to these walks, and it’s more likely to become part of your routine.

Stay Active and Healthy at The Village

At The Village, residents have all kinds of exciting opportunities to stay active, social, and make each day their best one yet. Contact us to learn more about the active and engaging lifestyle at our beautiful senior living community.

The Benefits of High-Fiber Foods for Seniors

breakfast is a great time for seniors to up their fiber intake. Oats, fruit and grains make up a healthy, fiber filled breakfast

The Benefits of High-Fiber Foods for Seniors

As we age, health requirements change – at least, they change if you want to be able to age gracefully. This is where diet and exercise come into play. Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on why fiber is important for seniors.

When it comes to healthy eating, you probably think of adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals, or drinking plenty of water, right? While those are all impactful parts of a healthy diet, so is consuming fiber each day.

At The Village, we prioritize residents’ dietary preferences and restrictions throughout every level of care, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing. Our active lifestyle focuses on living well, and food plays a major role in doing so. Learn more about the importance of a high-fiber diet and the daily fiber requirement for seniors, below.

What is fiber?

Cleveland Clinic defines fiber in simple terms: “Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body can’t break down.” But while this seems like a worrisome thing to happen in our digestive systems, it actually proves to be a positive thing because our bodies need fiber to function.

There are two categories of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can be found in fruits and vegetables, dried kidney beans and other beans, oats, barley, and rice. Insoluble fiber can be found in foods that contain wheat flour like whole-grain breads, certain cereals, nuts, seeds, and fruit and vegetable skin. (Pro tip: Don’t peel your fruits and veggies! Keep the skin on, and just wash them thoroughly to get the most nutrients out of them.)

farmer holding a basket of high fiber vegetables

The importance of fiber for seniors

So, why do older adults need to pay close attention to their fiber intake? “Research shows that in countries where people consume high amounts of fiber in their diets, the overall rates of chronic disease are low,” notes registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD, from Cleveland Clinic.

Additional benefits of fiber include:

  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal and digestive tract issues
  • Maintaining a healthy weight, because fiber helps keep you fuller longer
  • Bowel regularity

How much fiber do seniors need?

First things first. Visit your physician to see how much fiber you need to start including in your daily meals and snacks. Usually, if you’re constipated, have hemorrhoids, rarely feel full after eating, or feel sluggish, these are signs that you need to up your fiber intake.

beans are a high fiber food, close up of dried red beans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends women age 51 and older consume at least 22 grams of fiber daily, and men age 51 and older consume at least 28 grams of fiber daily. It’s important to note that these are baseline recommendations. Factors like body mass index (BMI), medications, and other health conditions can alter the fiber intake your doctor recommends.

Quick tips for incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet

  • When baking, use whole-grain or wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour.
  • Replace white rice with brown rice.
  • Add fruit to your morning cereal.
  • Replace potato chips with popcorn.
  • Replace iceberg lettuce with romaine lettuce or spinach.

Many individuals struggle with maintaining healthy levels of fiber. If that’s the case, some of the best fiber supplements for seniors include Metamucil and Benefiber, among these others recommended by Forbes Health.

Enjoy nutritious meals every day at The Village.

Our senior living community in Hemet, CA, takes dining to a whole new level, with fresh, chef-curated meals served each day in a variety of venues. Get a taste of our lifestyle for yourself when you call to schedule a personal tour today.

How The Village Keeps Residents Safe

The Village Senior Living's serene campus

How The Village Keeps Residents Safe

One of the reasons why seniors may move into a retirement community is because of the community’s safety measures. Seniors have peace of mind that there are protocols in place to make sure they’re safe when it comes to security, health care, and in case of natural emergencies.

The Village has a number of safety measures and emergency protocols specifically designed to ensure residents are protected and safe. These include fire safety for seniors, campus security, and individual safety measures that address the needs of each resident.

No matter what residence type you move into or what level of care you need, The Village provides the safest environment so you can enjoy your retirement and focus on making the most of what The Village has to offer residents.

Security at The Village

The Village takes several measures to make sure everyone on campus is safe. As a gated community, there’s one entrance to The Village. When entering The Village, there is security and reception at the campus’ main entrance. Anyone who visits needs to go through the check-in procedure. The following steps will occur:

The visitor will sign in and write down whom they are visiting.
The staff will check in with the person or resident the visitor is seeing.
The visitor is given a badge to wear so other personnel know they are visiting.

“We take careful measures to ensure that everyone who is on campus is accounted for,” said Corey Matteson, Director of Security.

In addition to security measures at the main entrance, there is also security staff who patrol the campus and monitor the 24-hour surveillance cameras. All security personnel are CPR and first aid certified so they can help residents if an emergency occurs after hours. Additionally, security personnel are trained on what measures to take if there’s an intruder on campus.

What If a Resident Has an Emergency?

If a resident is alone and has an emergency and can’t get to a phone, we have a system to ensure they get the help they need. Residents wear an emergency device, where they press a button and it notifies the front desk of their need for help.

“We understand the concern if an emergency occurs and a resident needs to reach out immediately. With the emergency device, they can alert the front desk, where there will always be someone to help,” said Yolanda Chandler, Resident Services Director.

When a resident alerts the front desk during business hours, a nurse will respond to this call. If the alert happens after-hours, then an EMT from the security department will respond to the call. Residents can rest assured that they are one click away from help at all times.

What Are Other Safety Protocols at The Village?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to resident safety includes preventing falls. If a resident may become a fall risk, staff at The Village will do safety or wellness checks throughout the day. If a resident needs mobility assistance, the staff can accommodate them to make sure they can get where they need to go safely.

Other safety concerns include mitigating the spread of illness. Practices like washing hands frequently are encouraged, and our cleaning staff keeps public areas disinfected and sanitized to kill germs.

If a resident becomes ill, we recommend they stay in their apartment. We perform regular checks on the resident for doctor visits and food delivery.

seniors outside having wine

Fire Safety for Seniors at The Village

Here in California, wildfires have become more common in recent years. Fortunately, much is being done throughout the state to mitigate the risks. Should there be a fire of any kind at The Village, the emergency fire system will detect it and sound an alarm. Then, security staff will respond to see if it’s a false alarm or if they need to call 911.

There are smoke alarms in all bedrooms and main areas, and our staff makes sure they’re functioning properly. Fire extinguishers and exit signs are also clearly marked should someone need to use an extinguisher or find a safe route away from the fire.

Natural Disaster Safety Measures

The Village follows best practices and safety procedures for any kind of natural disaster. Ensuring residents and staff are safe in the event of an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane is of the utmost importance to The Village.

In case of a natural disaster, there are protocols for evacuation plans and remaining on campus.

Feel Safe and Secure at The Village

At The Village, our priorities are all our residents’ happiness, health, and safety. We have strict safety protocols and procedures to ensure you can enjoy your active lifestyle worry-free. Call us today to learn more about our community and our support and services.

TED Talks About Retirement and Aging

man presenting to an audience a ted talk on retirement and aging

TED Talks About Retirement and Aging

9 Inspiring TED Talks About Retirement & Aging

There’s nothing like a good pep talk to propel you into action or boost your mood. The same is true with these TED Talks. Known for their short, compelling topics, notable speakers and ability to inspire listeners, we couldn’t dream up a better bite-sized way to discuss the topics of retirement or aging. Check out these nine inspiring TED Talks about retirement and aging below.

TED Talks About Money and Retirement

Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow | Shlomo Benartzi

Often, there’s a struggle between saving for the future and wanting to spend, and usually, we spend. Learn how to overcome this behavioral obstacle in this thought-provoking TED Talk.
Watch Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Prepare for a Good End of Life | Judy MacDonald Johnston

In this TED Talk, you’ll discover five practices for planning a good end of life, with tips to help you plan for the long term while experiencing more peace of mind.
Watch Prepare for a Good End of Life

The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self | Daniel Goldstein

This TED Talk will dive into how your decisions impact your present and future self – as well as how you can make the best decisions possible for future you.
Watch The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

TED Talks About Healthy Aging

How To Live To Be 100+ | Dan Buettner

Blue Zones are where older adults live vibrant lifestyles and live longer, reaching record-setting ages. This TED Talk explores what causes this, including physical activity and diet.
Watch How To Live To Be 100+

What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s | Lisa Genova

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia don’t have to be your destiny, according to Lisa Genova. Discover what you can do to build an Alzheimer’s-resistant brain.
Watch What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s

There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health | Sangu Delle

Retirement can cause many seniors to feel depressed and isolated. This Ted Talk presents a compelling view of taking care of your mental health.
Watch There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health

TED Talks About Other Retirement Topics

Older People Are Happier | Laura Carstensen

Psychologist Laura Carstensen shares that older people are happier while diving into why this is during this TED Talk.
Watch Older People Are Happier

How Societies Can Grow Old Better | Jared Diamond

Discover how societies treat their elders and how we can strive toward a society that grows older better.
Watch How Societies Can Grow Old Better

Less Stuff, More Happiness | Graham Hill

Less stuff could equal more happiness. Learn more in this TED Talk that will share tips to edit your belongings while editing your life.
Watch Less Stuff, More Happiness

Discover Life at The Village

If you’re conducting some long-term planning and are interested in securing a continuum of care and an enriching lifestyle, retiring in a senior living community like The Village might be right for you. Call today to schedule your tour and learn more about everything our Active Life Plan Community has to offer you or your loved one.

Senior Living Costs: Are Independent Living and Assisted Living Tax-Deductible?

senior man calculating assisted living tax deductions

Senior Living Costs: Are Independent Living and Assisted Living Tax-Deductible?

While everyone looks forward to the beginning of spring, it also means another season is here: tax season. When you’re gathering all your information for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), knowing what to deduct from your taxes can help lower your amount of taxable income.

At The Village, our residents enter our community through Independent Living, and know they have the security of higher levels of care should they need them. And during a time of changing needs, you might wonder, is assisted living tax-deductible? 

The short answer is yes. When it comes to costs related to assisted living, medical expenses are tax-deductible. However, non-medical related costs are not. In order to make sure your taxes are done correctly, it’s important to know how to apply these medical costs as deductions to your taxes. While the below will provide important information, we recommend speaking with a tax professional to discuss your specific situation. 

Understanding Tax Terms and How They Apply to You

Before jumping into how to find the tax-deductible items, you’ll want to understand the terms the IRS uses. This way, you’ll have full clarity about what these terms are referring to when you’re filling out your taxes. 

When filling out forms for the IRS, you will likely read these terms: 

  • Standard Deductions This is the specific dollar amount that reduces your amount of taxable income. 
  • Itemized Deductions The other option for applying deductions to your taxes, itemized deductions include amounts paid for state and local income taxes, personal property taxes, and more. Part of paid medical expenses is included in itemized deductions. 
  • Adjusted Gross Income When your income adjustments are subtracted from your gross income, it gives you your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). One example of an adjustment includes retirement account contributions.

Now that you’re more familiar with these tax terms, let’s take a look at how assisted living applies to your taxes. 

When Is Assisted Living Tax-deductible

When you’re a resident in Assisted Living or are financially supporting someone in a retirement community, some of your monthly costs in medical expenses may be tax-deductible. In an itemized deduction, you can list your medical expenses for a deduction that are more than 7.5 percent of your AGI.

If you’re going to list these medical expenses in your taxes, then the resident receiving the medical care must meet the following qualifications: 

  1. The person is considered “chronically ill” by the IRS, which means they need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These are the daily tasks required to go about their life. Bathing, getting dressed, eating, and mobility are examples of ADLs. Those with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia may also be considered “chronically ill.” 
  2. The person has a care plan and receives care from medical professionals. This care plan will detail the level of medical care they receive.

Just because someone is living in a senior living community does not mean they have tax-deductible costs. For example, older adults who elected to move into an Independent Living community and do not need medical care or receive assistance for ADLs would not be considered chronically ill and thus would not qualify. 

Everyone’s situation is unique and, therefore, may result in different ways to deduct medical expenses from taxes. According to the IRS, the cost of food and lodging at a residential nursing home may be tax-deductible if your payments are mainly for the availability of medical care needs. This may be applicable for those in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

However, if availability of medical care is not the main reason for being in the nursing community, then the deductions will only apply to the medical care costs. 

Assisted Living Medical Expenses

You may be wondering what specific assisted living expenses would be considered medical. Here are a few example of what you could include as tax-deductible medical expenses: 

  • Medication
  • Therapeutic care
  • Cost for help with ADLs and personal care
  • Preventative care

Other expenses relating to long-term care that are tax-deductible include memory care. Also, if you or a loved one ever needed short-term rehabilitation or received at-home care, then those may also qualify as deductions. 

Because there are unique situations for everyone, asking for an itemized list of medical expenses can help you find everything you need for your taxes. Speaking with an accountant about what you need to do to make sure your taxes are done correctly could also provide you with peace of mind. 

How Do Taxes Apply to Independent Living?

When considering where independent living factors into your taxes, it’s important to know that entering a senior living community is typically done through independent living.

Here at The Village, we recognize you may not need help with medical care or ADLs, but you’re joining the retirement community knowing that you may transition to assisted living in the future – should you need it. 

You pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee to cover this future transition. 

How do the entrance fee and monthly fee for independent living factor into taxes? 

A portion of that entrance fee in the year that it’s paid is considered prepaid health expenses by the IRS, meaning it’s tax-deductible. 

Additionally, every year you pay a monthly fee, a portion of the monthly fee is also considered  tax-deductible because you are prepaying for health care in the future when and if you should need it.  

How is the tax-deductible amount from the entrance fee and monthly fee calculated?

The portion of the entrance fee and the monthly fee that are considered to be deductible is dependent on how much the community spends each year providing health care for their residents. 

Residents receive a letter each year outlining what that percentage is.

Live Your Best Life at The Village 

At The Village, we understand that you may need a different level of care than others. Our Life Plan Community offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing. Our variety of services and amenities are curated to ensure your time here is engaging and fulfilling.  

We call Hemet, CA, our home, and we invite you to see what life here is all about. Our Assisted Living community offers a 24/7 staff who are always available to help you. Residents also receive daily housekeeping services, care assessments, personal care, and more.

In addition to quality health care, The Village has life-enrichment activity programs, a beauty salon and barbershop, daily meals prepared by our chef, and a beautiful outdoor fountain patio where you can sit and enjoy the calming noises of the water. 

Call The Village today at 951-365-6127 to schedule a tour and learn more about the costs associated with senior living.

11 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

woman enjoying gardening and outdoor activities for seniors

11 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

11 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Spring is in full swing, and its pleasant days are the perfect backdrop for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Everyone from babies to seniors can benefit from getting outside – it promotes physical, emotional, and mental wellness, as well as holds lots of opportunities for adventure. 

Even though older adults may have to cut back on strenuous activities as they age, that doesn’t mean they have to give up outdoor activities. Far from it! A wide range of activities, from group to individual, are accessible to the older generation. 

We’ve put together a list of 11 great outdoor activities for seniors that are perfect to get you started. You’ll find many of our residents enjoying these activities year-round, thanks to our gorgeous California weather. Our campus is located between the beach and the mountains, and our outdoor spaces are perfect places to soak up  the sun while feeling safe and secure. 

1. Gardening

Gardening is a very popular outdoor activity for multiple reasons: It’s creative, physically challenging, results in something beautiful (or delicious), and provides a sense of accomplishment. Many communities have gardening clubs or community gardens, where seniors can meet other people with green thumbs and get tips and tricks for their own green spaces.

2. Walking

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise for seniors because it’s easy to do, is a great form of cardio, and works lots of muscle groups. It’s also a great way to spend a morning, afternoon or evening taking in the sights of your neighborhood and enjoying the spring air. 

3. Bird-Watching 

Bird-watching isn’t a hugely physical activity, but it can be very rewarding for older adults. It’s been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and boost mental health. Plus, there can be a sort of “gamification” of birding as you start finding more, different species. All you need are some binoculars, a bird-watching guide (or an app), and you’re ready to go.

4. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also getting a workout. It’s a little different than just “walking” since hiking usually takes place along nature trails or less cultivated venues. Hiking can be as gentle or as strenuous as you like. Many local parks and nature preserves have hiking trails that are beautiful, soothing and sometimes challenging. 

5. Picnicking

Grab a blanket, pack a cooler, and get ready to soak up some vitamin D through one of the oldest and most classic outdoor activities. Picnics are easy to do with senior loved ones and are an easy way to get everyone spending time outdoors. Picnics can be as intimate as two people or a grand event with friends, neighbors, barbecuing, and even music. 

6. Listening to Music at Events

Outdoor music events are ubiquitous in the spring and summer months and are a fantastic way to spend an evening with friends and family. Check with local organizations and city websites to see schedules and discover what’s happening in your area. Many cities also organize “First Fridays” or “Third Thursdays,” many of which feature music performers as well as food and beverages. 

7. Attending Sporting Events

Who doesn’t love cheering on the home team? When spring starts, so does baseball and softball season, followed by soccer and other summer-related sports. Many seniors enjoy gathering with friends at the stadium regularly during the season. You don’t have to look for a national club or team, either. Local groups may have different sporting events that could be easier (and sometimes more fun) to watch. 

8. Reading

Reading might not seem like an outdoor activity, but it certainly can be. Just being outside can improve your mood and cardiovascular health. When you want to enjoy the spring breeze but don’t want to break into a sweat, grab a favorite book and sit out on the patio for a few hours.

9. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to stay active, increase flexibility, improve your health, and just have fun. Many local pools offer water aerobics and other senior-friendly activities that are low impact, easy on the joints, and a great way to relax. Swimming is also a fun activity to do with the grandkids.

10. Golfing

Golfing is a favorite sport enjoyed by many and is a perfect blend of exercise and competition. Depending on how large the green is (and how much you use a golf cart), it can actually be a pretty great workout. If you don’t already play golf but might be interested, don’t worry – you can rent golf clubs at most greens you visit and even sign up for a few lessons to get started.

11. Visiting Farmers Markets

’Tis the season for fresh fruits, produce, and locally made artisan crafts. At this time of year, many farmers markets are opening for the 2023 season. These venues are delightful places to walk around and delight your senses with the smells, tastes and sounds of seasonal bouquets, homemade candles, freshly ground coffee … the list goes on and on. 

Enjoy the Outdoors (and Indoors) at The Village

Residents of The Village enjoy life their way taking part in many of these outdoor activities offered through the life-enrichment program.

Voted “Best Retirement Community” 16 years in a row, our vibrant Life Plan Community in Hemet, CA, combines maintenance-free, active senior living paired with life-enriching opportunities on a beautiful, gated campus.

Contact us today to learn how you or a senior loved one can live life to the fullest at The Village. 

Explore Monthly Senior Living at The Village

Beautiful senior couple in love on a walk outside in spring nature under blossoming trees.

Explore Monthly Senior Living at The Village

We know that senior living decisions can take time to make. That’s why The Village offers a month-to-month living agreement where seniors can experience everything our Independent Living lifestyle has to offer.

Coming to The Village in Hemet, CA, means joining an active and inviting senior living community in Riverside County. We provide a welcoming environment, delectable chef-prepared meals, exciting social programs, and caring staff members who are interested in your well-being.

Learn more about our Monthly Residence Agreement below.

How a monthly resident rate enhances your life

At The Village, we offer a Life Plan contract. However, if you’re still not ready to make a long-term commitment, you do have the option of paying a monthly fee for up to five years before you’ll be prompted to opt in to a contract.

The Easy Monthly Residence Agreement, also known as our Accommodations and Service Agreement, gives you access to:

A diverse and active community.

At The Village, there’s more than you’d expect even from a resort. The community features a year-round heated swimming pool, walking paths, garden, putting green, Healthy Living Wellness Clinic, and a state-of-the-art fitness club with a full-time fitness trainer.

Convenient services and amenities to meet your every need.

Perhaps all you want to do is unwind while our caring staff handles practically everything, such as:


  • Maintenance available seven days a week
  • Free scheduled transportation within a 10-mile radius
  • 24-hour front desk reception
  • Secure and gated parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in common areas
  • Cable TV
  • Water, trash service, and electricity

At The Village, you can spend your day doing anything from reading by the pool to working out to learning something new. Chef-designed cuisines served in four eating establishments, VIP Club, pool table, art studio, and workshop for all forms of creativity are just a few of the amenities offered.

At The Village, there is something for every independent, active senior to enjoy. Our Active Life Plan Community is the best option for your retirement since it combines top-notch services with a thorough plan for every element of your life, all under a Life Plan contract.

Learn about the benefits of an Active Life Plan Community

Active Life Plan Communities like The Village understand that care needs can change at a moment’s notice. Under the same ownership for 32 years, our leadership provides a financially sound community for seniors looking for an active lifestyle with a plan in place for the future.

To meet those changing needs, The Village offers a variety of care services and living options to our contracted residents. There are also affordable move-in options for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care provided on site in beautiful Hemet, California, including access to nursing staff and an EMT on duty 24/7.

Learn more about our Active Life Plan Community today.

Experience the Benefits of an Active Retirement

the village retirement activities

Experience the Benefits of an Active Retirement

When considering your move to Independent Living, you probably wonder about what kinds of activities, amenities and services you can look forward to. 

Moving to The Village in Hemet, CA, means being part of an open and welcoming Riverside County Independent Living community. We offer a friendly culture, delicious chef-prepared meals, vibrant social programs, and attentive staff members who care about your well-being.

The Village is an Active Life Plan Community with Independent Living and on-site Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. Read on to learn more about all the benefits that come with being a resident at a Life Plan Community.

How an Active Retirement Enhances Your Life

Retirement offers a wealth of untapped opportunities to energize, enrich and renew, according to a landmark 2012 study. From a deeper sense of togetherness to resources that help you live worry-free, Independent Living communities provide many life-enriching ways to stay active throughout your retirement years. 

You’ll be part of a diverse and active community.

At The Village, there’s everything you’d expect to keep you busy at a luxury resort – and then some. In addition to our year-round heated swimming pool, our community features walking paths, a garden, putting green, Healthy Living Wellness Clinic, and a state-of-the-art fitness club with fitness trainers.

Convenient services and amenities to meet your every need.

Maybe you just want to kick back and relax while our attentive staff takes care of just about everything, including:


  • Maintenance available seven days a week
  • Free scheduled transportation within a 10-mile radius
  • 24-hour front desk reception
  • Secure and gated parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in common areas
  • Cable TV
  • Water, trash service, and electricity

A day at The Village can be as relaxing as a poolside read, as active as a heart-healthy workout, or as educational as a lifelong learning course. Included among the many amenities are chef-crafted menus served in four dining venues, VIP Club, billiards room, art studio and workshop for creativity of all kinds.

There’s something for every independent, active senior to love at The Village. Combined with world-class services and a comprehensive plan for every aspect of your life, our Active Plan Community’s the perfect choice for your retirement. 

You’ll have access to personalized support and services.

Active Life Plan Communities like The Villages understand that care needs can change at a moment’s notice. Under the same ownership for 32 years, our leadership provides a financially sound community for seniors looking for an active lifestyle with a plan in place for the future.

To meet those changing needs, The Village offers a variety of care services and living options, as well as affordable move-in options for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care provided on site, including access to nursing staff and an EMT on duty 24/7.

But long before you’ll need to consider care, there’s your life to live! Learn more about our active retirement lifestyle today.

Senior Housing Guide: Know Your Rightsize Options

Petite elderly woman drinking coffee in her living room

Senior Housing Guide: Know Your Rightsize Options

Senior Housing Guide: Know Your Rightsize Options

In your mind, you’re probably thinking about how moving to an Independent Living community will help you live your life purposefully as you consider your move. To match a potential new home with your retirement ambitions, however, you need to know what to expect from senior housing.

Moving to The Village in Hemet means being part of an open and welcoming Riverside County senior living community. We offer a friendly culture, delicious chef-prepared meals, vibrant social programs, and attentive staff members who care about your well-being.

The Village is an Active Life Plan Community with Independent Living and on-site Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. Read on to learn about the independent senior housing options available here.

A Variety of Floor Plans To Choose From

Many different living options are available at The Village. Whether you want a comfortable studio, a private one-bedroom apartment home, or a spacious two-bedroom apartment home, there’s something for everyone.
Our three most popular Independent Living options include:

Retreat (Studio)

Our Retreat floor plan is perfect for the single senior who just needs a little bit of space for their things. This 420-square-foot plan offers a full bath, kitchen, living/bedroom, and balcony.

Hampton (One Bedroom)

For couples or singles who’d like more space for entertaining, hobbies, or whatever else they can think up, the Hampton is ideal. This layout features a full kitchen and bath, foyer, walk-in closet, living room, bedroom, and balcony at approximately 750 square feet.

Heritage Deluxe (Two Bedroom)

One of our deluxe floor plans, the Heritage Deluxe offers everything any senior couple or single senior could want. It features a full kitchen, foyer, walk-in closet, primary bedroom, en suite bath, living room, an additional bedroom/office, guest bath, and patio/balcony at approximately 1,170 square feet.

Whatever your needs or preferences, The Village is here to support you. Check out our floor plans to see your available options.

The Village: An Active Life Plan Community in Lovely Riverside County

From an active plan for your life to world-class services and amenities – and Hemet’s prime Riverside County location – there’s something for every independent senior to love at The Village.

Active Life Plan Communities like The Village understand that care needs change over time. To meet those changing needs, The Village offers a variety of support options and services, as well as affordable move-in options for care provided on site, including nursing staff and EMTs on duty 24/7.

With well-appointed residences or rooms in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing, we can address residents’ individual care needs as they develop. With access to these care services in place, seniors can rest assured they’re fully supported.

Check out our floor plans to see your available options.