Purchase and Easy Monthly Residency Programs
Residence Name Sq. Ft. Description Monthly Service Fee Life Plan
24 Month Refund 1st Person
80% Lifetime Refund
No Healthcare Discount
1st Person
50% Lifetime Refund
No Healthcare Discount
1st Person
Monthly Residency Package
(Select Apartments Only)
Community Fee
Retreat 420 Studio $2,040 $72,000-$92,000 $72,000-$92,000 $47,000-$60,000 $2,350-$2,450 $2,500
Hideaway 610 1 BR, 1 Bath $2,430 $81,000-$111,000 $81,000-$111,000 $53,000-$72,000 $2,750-$2,850 $2,500
Hampton/Homestead 720-750 1 BR, 1 Bath with Balcony $2,845 $97,000-$128,000 $97,000-$128,000 $63,000-$83,000 $3,175-$3,300 $2,500
Haven 895 2 BR, 2 Bath with Lightcourt $3,250 $119,000-$160,000 $119,000-$160,000 $78,000-$104,000 $3,600-$3,775 $2,500
Heritage 1,120 2 BR, 2 Bath with Balcony $3,500 $147,000-$192,000 $147,000-$192,000 $96,000-$125,000 $3,875-$4,075 $2,500
Terrace 1,150-1,170 2 BR, 2 Bath with Double Balcony $3,580 $154,000-$200,000 $154,000-$200,000 $100,000-$130,000 $3,975-$4,150 $2,500
Plaza 1,440 2 BR, 2 Bath with Double Balcony and Dining Room $4,610 $197,000-$248,000 $197,000-$248,000 $128,000-$161,000 Easy Monthly Residency service package includes 14 meals per month and bi-weekly housekeeping $2,500
Second Person Monthly Service, Entry, or Community Fee (Non-refundable) $750 $14,000 $8,000 $8,000 $950 None


Monthly Dining Plans 7 Meals 14 Meals 21 Meals Meal Per Day
(per person) $98 $182 $252 $300
HOUSEKEEPING PLANS One Bedroom Two Bedroom
Weekly (Per Month) $120 $140
Bi-Weekly (Per Month) $70 $80

Prices are subject to change without notice. Effective 2/1/2024 Lic. #336403573 COA-192

Experience Life Without Boundaries

Our New Easy Monthly Residence Agreement!

Our newest residential option doesn’t require a hefty entrance fee, and it gives you the flexibility and control of month-to-month living.

For a limited time, you can take advantage of special pricing on select apartment home styles.

  • Studios start at $2,820
  • One Bedrooms start at $3,190
  • Two Bedrooms start at $3,980 
  • One-time Community Fee is just $2,500!

For details on our Easy Monthly Residence Agreement Program, call us today!

A Guarantee of Services and Support for Life

Stability You Can Trust

The Village is part of a debt-free senior living community in Riverside County, with owners who boast nearly 40 years of experience in enhancing the lives of older adults. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

It’s reassuring to know that as your needs change over time, you have a plan in place for future health care right on campus. Best yet, as a resident, you’ll always have a home here, thanks to our Guarantee of Services and Support for Life. If you should, through no fault of your own, deplete your assets, you’ll be able to stay at The Village.

Join our engaging, welcoming Assisted Living community in Riverside County. You’ll enjoy personalized care and support for a thriving, comfortable lifestyle that fits you perfectly.

A Safety Net


A Life Plan Community such as The Village includes independent living Apartment-Homes, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation all on one campus.

The Village Life Plan Community provides the security of a safety net by offering three levels of living and a Guarantee of Services and Care for Life so you can live life to the fullest.

If you run out of savings, our Guarantee of Services and Care for Life protects you, and, as a resident of The Village, you will not be asked to leave in the event that you deplete your assets through no fault of your own.

Life Plan Community Benefits


The Village has a one-time investment called an entrance deposit. Many people use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their home to pay for the affordable entrance deposit.

Tax Advantages: Deduct portions of your entrance deposit and monthly fee from your move to The Village from your federal income taxes. Current IRS rules consider portions of these fees to be prepayments for medical expenses. Consult with your tax advisor.

90-day Satisfaction Guarantee: At The Village, the entrance deposit is 100% refundable to you or your estate during the first 90 days.

Returnable Options: Choose from three different returnable options for a portion of the entrance deposit to return to you or your estate. Select your returnable choices to suit you.

Guarantee of Services and Support for Life: We all are at risk of outliving our savings or having an expensive illness that drains our savings. Should you run out of money through no fault of your own, you will not have to move out.

Healthcare Savings: 10 free days of short-term skilled nursing care and 25% reduction for assisted living, extended care, and long-term skilled nursing rates.

All Life Plan Communities have an entrance deposit and Monthly Service Fees. Because we are a debt-free community, we pass the savings on to our resident with consistently lower Monthly Services Fees than other Life Plan Communities and Rental Communities.

A Savvy Financial Decision

The Village life plan community

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