How The Village Keeps Residents Safe
The Village Senior Living's serene campus


One of the reasons why seniors may move into a retirement community is because of the community’s safety measures. Seniors have peace of mind that there are protocols in place to make sure they’re safe when it comes to security, health care, and in case of natural emergencies.

The Village has a number of safety measures and emergency protocols specifically designed to ensure residents are protected and safe. These include fire safety for seniors, campus security, and individual safety measures that address the needs of each resident.

No matter what residence type you move into or what level of care you need, The Village provides the safest environment so you can enjoy your retirement and focus on making the most of what The Village has to offer residents.

Security at The Village

The Village takes several measures to make sure everyone on campus is safe. As a gated community, there’s one entrance to The Village. When entering The Village, there is security and reception at the campus’ main entrance. Anyone who visits needs to go through the check-in procedure. The following steps will occur:

The visitor will sign in and write down whom they are visiting.
The staff will check in with the person or resident the visitor is seeing.
The visitor is given a badge to wear so other personnel know they are visiting.

“We take careful measures to ensure that everyone who is on campus is accounted for,” said Corey Matteson, Director of Security.

In addition to security measures at the main entrance, there is also security staff who patrol the campus and monitor the 24-hour surveillance cameras. All security personnel are CPR and first aid certified so they can help residents if an emergency occurs after hours. Additionally, security personnel are trained on what measures to take if there’s an intruder on campus.

What If a Resident Has an Emergency?

If a resident is alone and has an emergency and can’t get to a phone, we have a system to ensure they get the help they need. Residents wear an emergency device, where they press a button and it notifies the front desk of their need for help.

“We understand the concern if an emergency occurs and a resident needs to reach out immediately. With the emergency device, they can alert the front desk, where there will always be someone to help,” said Yolanda Chandler, Resident Services Director.

When a resident alerts the front desk during business hours, a nurse will respond to this call. If the alert happens after-hours, then an EMT from the security department will respond to the call. Residents can rest assured that they are one click away from help at all times.

What Are Other Safety Protocols at The Village?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to resident safety includes preventing falls. If a resident may become a fall risk, staff at The Village will do safety or wellness checks throughout the day. If a resident needs mobility assistance, the staff can accommodate them to make sure they can get where they need to go safely.

Other safety concerns include mitigating the spread of illness. Practices like washing hands frequently are encouraged, and our cleaning staff keeps public areas disinfected and sanitized to kill germs.

If a resident becomes ill, we recommend they stay in their apartment. We perform regular checks on the resident for doctor visits and food delivery.

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Fire Safety for Seniors at The Village

Here in California, wildfires have become more common in recent years. Fortunately, much is being done throughout the state to mitigate the risks. Should there be a fire of any kind at The Village, the emergency fire system will detect it and sound an alarm. Then, security staff will respond to see if it’s a false alarm or if they need to call 911.

There are smoke alarms in all bedrooms and main areas, and our staff makes sure they’re functioning properly. Fire extinguishers and exit signs are also clearly marked should someone need to use an extinguisher or find a safe route away from the fire.

Natural Disaster Safety Measures

The Village follows best practices and safety procedures for any kind of natural disaster. Ensuring residents and staff are safe in the event of an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane is of the utmost importance to The Village.

In case of a natural disaster, there are protocols for evacuation plans and remaining on campus.

Feel Safe and Secure at The Village

At The Village, our priorities are all our residents’ happiness, health, and safety. We have strict safety protocols and procedures to ensure you can enjoy your active lifestyle worry-free. Call us today to learn more about our community and our support and services.