TED Talks About Retirement and Aging
man presenting to an audience a ted talk on retirement and aging


9 Inspiring TED Talks About Retirement & Aging

There’s nothing like a good pep talk to propel you into action or boost your mood. The same is true with these TED Talks. Known for their short, compelling topics, notable speakers and ability to inspire listeners, we couldn’t dream up a better bite-sized way to discuss the topics of retirement or aging. Check out these nine inspiring TED Talks about retirement and aging below.

TED Talks About Money and Retirement

Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow | Shlomo Benartzi

Often, there’s a struggle between saving for the future and wanting to spend, and usually, we spend. Learn how to overcome this behavioral obstacle in this thought-provoking TED Talk.
Watch Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Prepare for a Good End of Life | Judy MacDonald Johnston

In this TED Talk, you’ll discover five practices for planning a good end of life, with tips to help you plan for the long term while experiencing more peace of mind.
Watch Prepare for a Good End of Life

The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self | Daniel Goldstein

This TED Talk will dive into how your decisions impact your present and future self – as well as how you can make the best decisions possible for future you.
Watch The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

TED Talks About Healthy Aging

How To Live To Be 100+ | Dan Buettner

Blue Zones are where older adults live vibrant lifestyles and live longer, reaching record-setting ages. This TED Talk explores what causes this, including physical activity and diet.
Watch How To Live To Be 100+

What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s | Lisa Genova

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia don’t have to be your destiny, according to Lisa Genova. Discover what you can do to build an Alzheimer’s-resistant brain.
Watch What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s

There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health | Sangu Delle

Retirement can cause many seniors to feel depressed and isolated. This Ted Talk presents a compelling view of taking care of your mental health.
Watch There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health

TED Talks About Other Retirement Topics

Older People Are Happier | Laura Carstensen

Psychologist Laura Carstensen shares that older people are happier while diving into why this is during this TED Talk.
Watch Older People Are Happier

How Societies Can Grow Old Better | Jared Diamond

Discover how societies treat their elders and how we can strive toward a society that grows older better.
Watch How Societies Can Grow Old Better

Less Stuff, More Happiness | Graham Hill

Less stuff could equal more happiness. Learn more in this TED Talk that will share tips to edit your belongings while editing your life.
Watch Less Stuff, More Happiness

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